The Power and Peace of Letting Go

                                                         Why do we spend years holding on to people, things and memories, trying to keep that which have no need nor wants to be kept by us? Some have said, I tried to stop, to let go, but it is stronger than me. No, it's not. What is stronger, is the feelings or payback that the feelings gives to us, that makes it feel more important or desirable than letting them go. Even when the payback is an illusion.

The feelings of doing a bad habit gives us a false sense of security, it calms or blocks out the feelings, at least for the moment. It is like taking drugs or alcohol, it  does not change the situation, it just makes it more endurable or forgettable. We built and design our own prison and even though the door can be open, we will sit there feeling safer in side than coming outside the walls. 

The reality is that there is going to be a fight whether we chose to stay or go. When we fight to go, we have to come up against that which will weaken our decision to remind persistent. When we fight to stay, we are fighting against the emptiness of our lives, the incompleteness of our dreams and the loud sound of the what if's.

We are fighting to do what we know is right or against what we know is not right to do.

The question becomes, do we fight to go or fight to stay?

There is a power and peace in just letting go. We haven't over come all that we should, and there is yet many things to over come. But just the follow through decision of letting go, is a power and a peace all on it's own.

The inner fighting, the feelings of powerlessness stops!

How do we get to the point of letting go?

When an eagle choose a mate, it is based on the fact of not only being able to catch her if she falls in flight. But being able to catch her and their baby eaglets when falling. 

When we let go to grab hold on to that which is able to hold us and the situation, there is the power and the peace.

And that power and peace is only found in Christ Jesus.