Part 1
Tell yourself the Truth

Anyone that ever lost weight will tell you that the journey begins more in the mind than in the body, than in the meal planning or exercise routine. Why, because whatever plan you choose, your past issues, your present situations and even people themselves will test your persistence along your weight loss journey.

You did not get to the weight you are now, because you didn't know what to eat or how much not to eat. No. You knew.

You just chose to eat it anyway. When the  pressure, pain or anxiety overwhelmed you, your choice to eat that 6 piece of chicken, 3 bowls of rice and half a pie, is what lead you to the size that you are now.

Now we do understand that we are not talking about weight gain due to a medical or medication problem. No.

But we are talking about the balancing of calories and exercise, that normally decreases the scale numbers and your dress/pants sizes. 

  So, lets begin, the first step in true weight lost is HONESTY, tell yourself the Truth. 

Even if the cause aligns with a past issue of abuse, brokenness or deception, by which food became a healing method to you.

No one will disagree with you that whatever happened to you was wrong and there is no getting around that fact. But, choosing to eat to the level of destroying your health, is just another type of abusing yourself and imprisoning your future.

Tell yourself what you have to stop doing:

Yes, wrong was done to you, but you did wrong to yourself, when you allowed your problems to become bigger than your power!
But now, to lose weight, you have to stop doing wrong to yourself!!

Yes, people have deceived you, but you have deceived yourself, when you continued over eating and not accepting the cost of that action on your body.
But now, to lose weight, you have to stop deceiving yourself!!

Yes, there are situations that will sabotage your journey right now, but you have sabotaged yourself, when you over set to high goals, failing and then the spirit of defeat took hold of you. You should have begun by setting measurable goals and celebrating small steps. 
But now, to lose weight, you have to stop sabotaging yourself!!


The Truth shall set you free!!

As a believer in Christ, you have a power in you, to help you not only to lose weight, but that as you lose the weight you gain more peace, love, faith, hope, grace, mercy and growing closer to your heavenly Father.
That cannot be gain through worldly help.

You will have victory over this sin of the flesh, by God's Holy Spirit, "the power that worketh in you!"

By telling yourself the Truth and knowing and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit that is in you to help you to stay committed. Even during the times that you fall, his grace, his joy and his strength will be there to help you get back up!!!

The weight lost journey is happening, moment by moment, from glory to glory!!

 "Greatness comes with opposition" Shirt 


Step 1 Truth

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Written by Jay Dor