LETTING GO

"Stop only surviving your past and start living your true life now"

It seems that the majority of the times, that we will let go of something that we have been holding on to for years; whether it is a habit, a person or a job,  it is because we feel that there is something better for us to grab on to. Even if it is a lesser situation, if we feel that it is for the best we will let go of it.

But the true Power in Letting go, first, must begin within you and not around you. It cannot be based upon the fact that I will obtain a thing that is better or someone I feel is better. It must be based on the fact that I am already acceptable within myself, enough to let you or it go and be alright. And that can only be done from a place of Love.



Until then, we will spend years holding on to people, things and even memories, trying to build a life of false illusions of love. When we do, we are tying to keep that which have no need nor wanting to be kept by us. We build and design our own prisons and even though the doors can be opened, we will sit there feeling safer inside, rather than coming outside the walls.


As children of God, we must understand and know that we are already loved and valued. Therefore, all the people, things and actions that we connect with in this world are only fruits, not the root of Love within us.

When a person comes into your life and you fall in love. They don't give you love, you experience Love, it posses both of you. The same as when you let go, that person is gone, but the fact that you are loved, you have the ability to Love and to be Loved and is worthy of Love, it still is within you.


We fear to let go because, we don't want to feel such a great lost emotionally, but we are more than our emotions. The fear of letting go is also because we are afraid to be alone, so that fear keeps us bound to and with people and places we should walk away from. This is why we must know the truth, Jesus said, "the Truth shall set you free." You are never alone in Love, because Love draws to itself.


The Love in you, will affect your character and your decisions and that will draw Love to you. You draw to you what you are. You are whole, you are Loved. That is why it is important, to let go of that which will cause you to live less than who you are.

What are you drawing into your life? If Love is not the factor, go back to square 1, which is God is Love Himself, and as He pours Himself into you by His Holy Spirit, He is pouring His Love into you.

The Power and Peace of Letting go, will first begin with the Love of God in you, that makes you whole. It is not the things, nor people nor situations, that makes you whole. With this knowledge, you can let go of whatever, whomever or whenever it is needed.

This act of letting go, gives us inner power for other areas of our lives as well. Because in Christ we begin from a place of wholeness. Begin today, in faith, through the Holy Spirit and the love of God that is in you and let go.


Written by Jay Dor



       The Way to Love

 Jesus knows that we have the power to possess love, give love, receive and express Love. Although human love is powerful, it is limited. Jesus wants us to know that God is Love Himself! And when He pours out love, He is pouring out Himself into us.


a. Romans 5:5 "And hope maketh not ashamed, because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit given unto us."

Romans 5, reveals how we can have Hope in God in the times of trials, knowing that God is a promise keeper, a deliverer and that is why the verse begins with, "Hope maketh not ashamed.." It tells us that the proof of the hope of God's promise is based upon the power of the Love of God, poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

b. This Love is not only our assurance in great trials, but this Love also enables us to love the unlovable. Whenever we find it hard to understand, how can we love the unlovable? The answer is: it is because, the Father has not only created within us a new heart, but He has filled that heart with the power of His love, not our love.

 The Way of God's love is to us, in us and through us.

The Way of Love, has demonstrated many times in our own lives, as we have sinned against God and don't deserve the mercy and kindness of God for our lives. Yet, because of His love for us, His grace and mercy and ever-loving kindness is showered upon us, time after time.

c. So, when Christ says, love one another as I have loved you. How? Because His Holy Spirit has poured God's Love (God's presence) in us and the power of His love, enables us to love ourselves and love one another, even when we don't deserve it.

The question then is, have you received the Lord Jesus Christ not only as your Savior, but  as Lord over your life, your decisions? It is through His Holy Spirit that you are filled with the Love of God.

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The Way to Forgiveness

We know that forgiveness is better for us and will help us, but yet with all that knowing, we just can't let it go. 

First, lets straighten out that there is a difference between the affects of human forgiveness and divine forgiveness.

Human Forgiveness: You can go to a secular counselor and they can help you to get to the point of forgiving someone and moving on with your life. They may help you with overcoming some bad habits that you've picked up trying to comfort yourself emotionally because of what has happened to you. This does not guarantee WHOLENESS, you have only just been informed more about Self, reformed by leaving people, jobs or answering why you dress like you do?  You are healed somewhat emotionally in a certain area. In other words, you pick up the pieces and move on with your life and just learn to live with the rest.

God's Divine Forgiveness- is not just about, reforming, conforming or informing, it's about a Transformed life, first from the inside.

 You see, we can only give forgiveness, if you have received forgiveness.
You can't give what you don't possess.

Jesus said, "as I have forgiven you." What is the Way that he has forgiven us?

When we ask him for forgiveness, it is because it is the sin that we have done against him. Jesus did not do us any wrong, we did him the wrong by sinning against him. Yet he forgave us.

The same Way, that you did not do that person any wrong, but they hurt you, just like you hurt Jesus. He is asking you to forgive them, like he forgave you.

Note: The Power of Forgiveness, begins in our personal Worship time with the Father. First, our focus is on WHO God is (relationship to us) and second on Praise, what God has done (His actions out of that loving relationship for us).

a. As we are praying, reading the Word about Who God is and singing hymns unto Him. Do not allow your mind to wonder, or focus on anything other than the Word of Worship. Because our minds are like a freeway, it will take time in the meditation of the Word, to slow the mind down. You are actually entering through the gates of a spiritual tabernacle.

b. You stop first at the place of Sacrifice, where repentance is done. Jesus is our offering and through the blood of Christ, we ask for forgiveness. You don't just do a general statement, by saying, "Lord forgive me of my sins in Jesus name, I am really sorry, Amen" and done. 

No, you must state that sin! Say what you did! Who you did it to!  And why you did it!
Then, how it has affect your relationship with the Father by doing this sin and how it will hurt the other person. As you Repent!!!
Acknowledging the affects of what you have done, open up your soul to Him, plead the blood of Jesus over it. As you pray in humility, believing the Word of forgiveness, ("If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9) the power of God's Spirit, will touch your spirit and the healing of His power will forgive the unforgiveable in you toward Him.

IT IS A POWER THAT WE MUST EXPERIENCE. It is more than just taking a mental stand against unforgiveness. You must experience divine power in that area of being healed and the pain of it gone. If you don't  "feel and experience that power", all you will be doing at best, is "trying" to believe that you will and with positive thinking that you can forgive.

Yes, there are times when you have done something and repent instantly and meant it and get forgiveness.

But, we are talking about when things are deep, and we are struggling with unforgiveness for years and it has become a stronghold to us. It is then that a ten seconds general swipe is not going to bring deliverance to you. 

This will take time in prayer and laying before the Lord, ".
"Let us therefore come  boldly to the throne of Grace, that we may obtain mercy and find Grace to help in the time of need."

It is not wishful thinking nor positive reinforcement, it is a power coming in you.

c.  Once you experience the power of His forgiveness in you, by His Holy Spirit. That experience will create in you a Forgiveness, a humility, a spirit that desire to want to Forgive that other person.

 (Side Note: This applies to yourself as well, sometimes, forgiving ourselves is harder than forgiving others. The Word say, "If our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our hearts and knoweth all things" 1 John 3:20. God knows why you did what you did and don't want you to walk in guilt and shame all of your life. Remember that Jesus died not only for our sins, but for our guilt and shame as well. Those two things, the devil will use against you to keep you from praying to God, which will lead to you not getting your deliverance and Wholeness. Don't stop praying!!!

Your spirit, your soul will be flooded with an understanding and knowing, I forgive them. You will praise God as the man being healed and jumping up and giving glory to God. The impossible, will become a reality, it will become a miracle to you.

You will understand the true meaning, "For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly." 

You see, He did NO WRONG and He did YOU NO WRONG,  but you did Him the wrong!  And yet He willingly, died for you and forgave you.

You didn't want to sin against him, to do him wrong, but you did. You did it over and over again.

This it the same way that you don't know why they did what they did to you, over and over again? But you know now, that they are just as blind against you, as you were to Christ.

d. And now you know that they need a Savior to forgive them as he has forgiven you. You will then have the Spirit  in you to do through you, what Christ did for you.

You will then willingly, and want to die to Self, and forgive the other person, for what they did to you. It is not something you will have to try and convince yourself that you have, you will have it and know it and feel it and do it.

e. You will think of that person, and pray for them Matthew 5:43-44

Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. 44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

That does not mean you are to just let the person continue to abuse you. Forgiveness is about being made WHOLE from what they did to you and it's affects, as you leave the abuse.

Remember, the Bible didn't promise everyone would respond back the same to you.
Romans 12:18 "If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men."

Wholeness means, you are given the power to Forgive, to confront, and to not dwell in the habits that are only pacifiers for our wounded souls and low self esteem. Godly Forgiveness is The Way to being made whole, it's the difference between surviving your life and living your life.

Following the Lord Jesus is The Way, to true and complete Love and Forgiveness for your life.


Written by Jay Dor
Sept.13, 2021