About Us

New Life In You was created for the purpose that the items sold would minister and inspire, as well as a percentage of the profits would go toward helping with the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sponsorship for Children's education for a better future. (
Your purchases help to demonstrate the love of God in action, to help those in the greatest of needs.
Also, New Life in You items, supports the understanding that:
*A spiritual inner change is what is needed to bring about real and lasting outward changes in our lives. 
*That is why what you wear reflects your character and what you believe.
*That the journey is a process where most of your power will be revealed and perfected. It is in the fire of adversity and trials that we gain knowledge, wisdom, understanding and strength that we would have never known in times of peace.
*That trial comes to reveal what is really in us, whether we stand and do the work that God sent us to do or run and find places, people, careers or habits that gives us a false fleshly sense of comfort.
*That within every true child of God is His Holy Spirit that teaches us, guides us, gives us power to be a witness for Christ. The Holy Spirit fills our hearts with the love of God, Prays for us according to the will of God and the Holy Spirit also empowers our spirit (for we are a spirit) to live the Word of God.
Whether you purchase items for yourselves, groups, ministry or a gift, your support will help others not only in this world but into eternity.
Enjoy and Be blessed!